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✔️My cover of “When I Get My Name In Lights” from musical “The Boy from Oz” (recorded Apr 30, 2017)


I’ll dance and I’ll sing. I’ll do anything
Just to get my name in lights
I’ve got to try to hit the heights
Now that I’m free as a breeze again
Old nimble knees again
And soon they’ll all know my name
I’ll have fortune and fame
When I get my name in lights
It can happen overnight in these modern times
So hold that front page
This boy was born to strut the stage
I tap and sing and play the pianuh
Splash my name across a big bright bannuh
And that’s why
I won’t let go ’til I’m on radio
And when they come to see the sights
That’ll be my name spelt right lighting up Times Square
I’ll sit on a flagpole
Whatever’s the rage
Just to get my picture on the front page
Just to get my name in lights