+ primarily English songs covered are personally familiar and thought to embody

-Beautiful brainy, evocative/soothing melodies and lyrics

-Significantly large range for this distinct boyish baritone voice

-Significantly long held notes (Test for vocal endurance)

No straining the throat, no energy drains (e.g. old timeless standards)

-No specially trained technique needed (e.g. old timeless classics)

-Challenging tempo (Test for breath control)

Diversity of genres & languages (Test for vocal versatility)



Budgetless minimalist equipment used

-A Samsung G530H smartphone (karaoke backing tracks taken from QuanMin App, shoutout to QuanMin)

-Free earbuds with mic

-A laptop (for easier uploading)

-Sometimes a pillow or two

-Sometimes some stuffed animals



Recording environment is anywhere



-much more secluded or isolated in order not to disturb others

-reduced noise

-a good spot to position the phone



Whenever I’m all set to record pdq, casually extemporaneously expeditiously

-Free time during the day (rain is a plus)

-when the stomach is not empty

-when chronic rhinorrhea (stuffy nose and phlegm) problem is better/bearable

-when there’s a little quiet (internally & externally), when the mood is right



Personal Singing Style

-Unobtrusively low-pitched and low-keyed

-No signs of involuntary/premature dyspnea

-I’d say i tend to sing and record as if i’m having an outdoor mini concert or in a karaoke place, totally relaxed and laid back, though i’m usually in a hideaway indoor.



More about the Vocal athlete/Song reader

-Born on Feb 11, 1995, late 90s & early 00s kid, old soul

-ASD and chronic rhinorrhea impacted timbre

-Chronic rhinorrhea outpatient

-Probably a unique exotic one and only singing voice

-ca.118 lbs

Self taught & intuitive

-Enchanced lung capacity

Multicultural music taste, melody-oriented

-Comprehensive flexible protean techniques (mainly classical crossover inspired)

Experimentalist of melodic ad-libbing

-Budgetless hobbyist/enthusiast

Not for profit sharing

-Approach most male songs with original key; female songs 5 keys lower, warts and all

-Sing with karaoke tracks (original vocals removed)

-Spread happiness through singing

-Budget = Zero

-Biggest influences currently are Lea Salonga, Dionne Warwick,