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✔️Breath support training: Me singing Covid-era Cantopop ballad “Fu Kap Jau Hui/Breathing is Hazardous” by polyglot Cpop legend Karen Mok (recorded Jan 25, 2021)


Kuet yeung do chi yau waan jeung fat lik dei tong yue dei seung (I’m lacking oxygen to the point it’s like I’m imagining things, lying on the floor without energy)

Hap seung seung ngaan yung pei foo gam ying mo seung (closing my eyes and using only my skin to feel the impermanence)

Je lui yau gwoh nei mei kap bo lei cheung (You used to be here, you haven’t left unlike your footsteps)

Bei nei dik hei mei juk hei liu wai cheung (A wall is built from your odor)

Chung tau joi foo kap chaan chuen na jung mei (I’m taking another breath to preserve the beautiful traces of memory)

Yin joi seung do dik foo chung chin si jui dung yan tim mei (the pain that is felt now used to be the most touching sweetness)

Gau si mat chung chik hung hei noi yat foo yat kap do yau hoi (old things fill the air, every breath is hazardous)

Chong bin yau nei teng yau nei jun chut yue no hoi (you’re still at the bedside, in the living room, in and out of my mind)

Jik mok chung chik hung hei noi yik yuk kap yap loi (loneliness fills the air, inhaling depression)

Ning yuen bai hei kap jun nei wooi jim sap ngaan doi (I’d rather shut off the air, breathing you in will wet my eyes)

Min keung joi si si jaam lap ji yuen dei jin hoi hok jaap (Trying to stay strong and stand up, willing to learn again)

Jun faai sik ying jeuk chaan yan dik dai hei aat (quickly adapting to the brutally low air pressure)

Chi him kuet yeung hei bat gam sat hui nei (as if lacking in courage, I’m afraid to lose you)

Yik him gwat hei yeung san sam ya to lei (also lacking morale, my heart and soul have escaped)

Chung tau joi foo kap cham cham na sei hei (taking in another breath, this heavy lifelessness)

Sam moon yeung fa long maan cham mai joi je noi yan cham mei (oxidized romance permeates, addicted to the smell)

Repeat *

Jat sik do bat yi ngoi bat foo bat kap bat paan doi (if I suffocate, it won’t be an accident, won’t breathe in or out, won’t anticipate)

Bat yiu nei bat yiu nei yiu ching hung no doi (I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I need to clear my head)

Jun leung jan jok ya ying goi mooi yat sin cheung ya da hoi (It’s necessary to stay strong, every window should be opened)

Bat pa nei bat pa nei pa foo kap yau hoi (I’m not afraid, not afraid of you, I’m afraid that breathing is hazardous)