✔️Breath support experiment: Me singing mellifluous Mandarin ballad “Qiu Shi Pian Pian/Poems of Autumn” by Lui Fong (recorded June 7, 2019)



shen qiu feng you hong qiu qu liu can meng (Deep autumnal maple leaves reddened again, autumn has gone and only remnant dream remains)

wo xin fu yu zhu liu shui qia si luo ye piao ling (My heart was put to running water, just like falling leaves are drifting away)

zhuan yan zhi jian bai xue zhe qing kong han feng xi yan dong (In the blink of an eye, white snow has covered up the sunny sky and cold wind is attacking the bitter winter)

mo dai ying hua shu kai chun lai ye ta xue xun fang zong (Don’t wait for the blooming of the oriental cherry trees, nor walk in the snow to look for fragrant traces)



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