✔️Higher register experiment: Me singing Cantonese song of kung fu, “Naam Ji Dong Zi Koeng/A Man Should Better Himself”, theme from Jet Li’s “Wong Fei Hung/Once Upon a Time in China series” (recorded July 15, 2019)


ngou6 hei3 ngou6 siu3 maan6 cung45/zung6 long6

jit6 hyut3 jit6 sing3/sing1 hung4 jat6 gwong1

daam2 ci5 tit3 daa2 gwat1 ci5 zing1 gong3

hung1 kam1 baak3 cin1 zoeng6 ngaan5 gwong1 maan6 lei5 coeng4/zoeng2

sai6 fan5 faat3 zi6 koeng4/koeng5/goeng6 zou6 hou2 hon3

zou6 go3 hou2 hon3 zi2 mui5 tin1 jiu3 zi6 koeng4/koeng5/goeng6

jit6 hyut3 naam4 zi2 jit6 sing3/sing1 hung4 jat6 gwong1

joeng6 hoi2 tin1 wai46 ngo5 zeoi6 nang4 loeng4/loeng6

heoi3 hoi1 tin1 pik1 dei6 wai46 ngo5 lei5 soeng2 heoi3 cong2

hon3 bik1 bo1 gou1 zong3

jau6 hon3 bik1 hung1 gwong2 fut3 hou6 hei3 joeng4

gei3 si6 naam4 ji4 dong13 zi6 koeng4/koeng5/goeng6

ngong4 bou6 ting5 hung1 daai6 gaa1 zou6 dung3 loeng4 zou6 hou2 hon3

jung6 ngo5 baak3 dim2 jit6 jiu6 ceot1 cin1 fan1/fan6 gwong1

zou6 go3 hou2 hon3 zi2

jit6 hyut3 jit6 coeng4 jit6

jit6 sing3/sing1 hung4 jat6 gwong1



Vigorous when facing the beatings of ten thousands heavy waves
Ardent just like the rays of the red sun
Having courage like forge iron and bones as hard as refined steel
Having lofty aspirations and excellent foresight
I worked extremely hard, aspiring to be a strong and courageous man (AKA Hero)
In order to become a hero, One should strive to become stronger everyday
An ardent man shines brighter than the sun

Allowing the sky and sea to amass energy for me
To split heaven and part the earth (To create a new world) , to fight for my aspirations
Watching the stature and grandure of jade coloured waves
at the same time watching the vastness jade coloured sky, let our noble spirit soar

I am a man and I must strive to strengthen myself.
Walking in firm steps and standing upright let us all aspire to be a pillar of the society, and to be a hero
Using our hundredfold warmth, to bring forth a thousandfold of brilliance
Be a hero
Being ardent and with strong courage
Shine brighter than the sun



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