✔️Breath support experiment: Me singing Cantopop ballad “Ha Yat Jaam Tin Hau/Next Stop: Tin Hau” by Hong Kong’s Twins (recorded Aug 29, 2019)



Lyrics in Jyutping~~~

Jaam joi daai yun chin sai sam hon hon ngo dik lou joi ha go che jaam dou tin hau dong yin jeui hou daan wa lai dik sing tou tou jung yat daan wai gou bui hau wui fau waan yau ta yung pou

joi baak dak san gaai dik ngoi leui min seung yau jung gu paan ji hou joi toi seung yam ngo cheung mei bit fung gwong gang hou yan hei bat gwo fei jou paau

jik sai yau tin hoi go cheung seui yau yiu cheung ta bat hak dou yin cheung ying yin fong chi baak wut yat cheung bat lyun ngoi gaau ngo jam yeung cheung gei do ngoi go kap ngo cheung waan si min keung toi chin yu ho faat leung naan kap kap jeui ngoi joi yi bin dai seng wan yau dei cheung



Standing in front of Daimaru, carefully looking down my path, If I were to be queen at the next station, that would be great. But on the road to stardom, if suddenly I become scared of heights, Would he still hug me from behind?

The lovers on Paterson Street are brimming with pride. It might not be better to be allowed to sing freely on stage. Fame, like soap bubbles, quickly disappears.

Even if I one day have a concert, he who wants to sing won’t be able to get to the venue. Still, I feel like I have lived in vain. If I don’t love, how can I sing? How can I sing all of the love songs? How can I light up the stage? It’s so different than singing tenderly to my loved one.



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